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shimmicons's Journal

icons by the shimmer co.
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This is the graphics journal of shimmertwist and all the cool rockin' people I hang out with online.

I collect pictures from all over the net. I take pictures everywhere I go. Sometimes my own photographs end up in my graphics, I'll let you know when that happens.

Feel free to join and share your own creations. Or feel free to join and just enjoy what other people are creating.

I use the Icon Table Generator by 77words. Go ahead, give it a spin.

The Rules Well, my rules at least.

Comments are nice, but I won't die if you don't give me feedback.

Credit is optional. Although a noble thought that one would give me credit for staying up at all hours of the night plunking around in graphics programs making 100X100 pixel pictures for use in an online journal, I am a realist and do accept that this is the internet full of a gazillion and three people who over 3/4 of are dishonest to begin with. So credit if you feel inclined to do so. If not, there's really nothing I can do about it.

Hotlinking will get you a nasty image on your page -- something that sums up "fucktoid" nicely. Don't do it. It's not nice, and it is the one thing that will piss me off where graphics are concerned. The least you can do is host them on your own web space -- especially if you're not commenting or crediting. Thanks.

Textless Icons more often than not, are bases. If you want to take them and make the your own by adding your own text/whatever, go ahead and do so. Once in a while, my own personal photographs will make it into an icon batch -- and I will be sure to let you know when that happens. For the most part, the images I use are someone else's photos and therefore I see no real reason to lay claim to them as "my own work" -- cropping a picture down to a smaller size does not make it yours. It just makes it an acceptable size for Live Journal.

Finished Icons are pretty much offered up with the knowledge that yes, someone may snag them without letting me know -- and probably won't credit either. Whatever. I don't have the time nor am I willing to keep track of everyone using the icons that I offer. Seriously, life's too short. If you are a good person, you will credit me for being so damned clever. If not, well, that's life.

Banners and Headers do take a bit more time and patience to create. Some are painstakingly torturous. When I do offer up headers, please do seriously consider crediting.

Anyone else sharing icons in this community has the right to post their own set of rules. Please honor them as such.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy what I've created here, making little collages out of other people's art. Thanks for stopping by.